Vertical Blinds You can Buy Online Now. All Our Prices include VAT.

Vertical Blinds - The versatile answer to shading your home or office from the sun.
They are ideal for providing privacy and controlling the amount of light coming into a room.
Our Vertical Blinds are available in a spectrum of colours to compliment your room.
We have specialist fabrics that perform a specific function, such as reduce glare for computer use, flame retardent, or even wipe clean.
Our Vertical Blind fabrics are all 89mm width, and can be drawn to the left, right, or split in the middle to give you optimum flexibility.

Technical Information
Our Vertical Blinds are controlled by Wand and can be made to either draw to the Left, Right or the bunch of the lourves can be Split to both sides.
The Deluxe Wide Bodied Vertical Blind head rail is supplied in White with colour co-ordinated visible components.
The track dimensions are: 45mm wide x 25mm deep.

Brown track is supplied using our Slim Line Vertical Blind head rail. This narrower head rail measures only 30mm wide X 29mm deep.

Special Deal Vertical Blinds
Our Special Deal Vertical Blinds are supplied using the narrow Slim line Vertical Blind track in either White or Brown.

All brackets supplied will be colour co-ordinated with the chosen head rail for either Face Fix or Recess (top) fixing.