Measuring and fitting our window blinds

A pleated blindHow to Measure:

Always use a metal tape measure.

Please check the proximity of adjacent walls, furniture, window handles etc. when measuring for your window blinds.

Exact Measurements:

For Window Blinds to hang outside the window recess. An Exact Measured Blind is made to the actual size you order. Measure the exact area you would like your window blind to cover.

Recess Measurements:

A Recess Fitted Blind fits within the window frame.

Vertical blind installed in an officeMeasure the width of the window recess from wall to wall, in three places. Take the smallest measurement. Measure the drop by taking the measurement from the top of the recess to the windowsill in three places. We will make the necessary adjustments specific to the type of window blind you are ordering to allow for clearance of the window blind to fit within the window recess.

Glass Measurement:

Glass measurement is needed for Perfect Fit blinds, you just need to measure your glass width and drop.

Individual drop downs on fittings per blind type

You can view specific instructions for measuring and fitting each individual type of blind in the documents below